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The leader of the Army Corps of Engineers’ Galveston District admits the federal agency isn’t built for speed, but it is made to build things right, he told a group of local business leaders.

For just the second time since state Sen. Joan Huffman, R-Houston, defeated Democrat Chris Bell in a special election runoff a decade ago, there will be a Democrat on the general election ballot, but the party’s voters first must determine who it will be.

A Fort Bend County public education advocate looks to unseat the longtime incumbent to represent the district that stretches from northwest Houston east of Katy south through Sugar Land and to cover most of western and southern Brazoria County.

Nine-year-old cancer survivor Mia Spargo poses Thursday in her garden in Lake Jackson.

Voters waiting until today to cast a ballot in the 2016 presidential election, as well as a slew of local and state races, should carve out a significant portion of their day to do so, county officials said.

Kidz Harbor, a residential facility for abused and abandoned children, will host its inaugural fundraising gala Friday at the Nolan Ryan Center in Alvin.

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Michael Morris

We did very little impeachment coverage from what I recall. Kavanaugh/Russia coverage seems like 1,000 years ago. We have firmly refocused away from most national coverage over the last 18-24 months, which we have been very clear about doing. How much Democratic presidential debate/primar…

Michael Morris

None of those are community stories, Mr. Murphy. Your link does not support your claim about CDC.

Michael Morris

Would love to see a link to that CDC claim. Diligent Googling comes up with nothing.

Also curious to say journalism has been dead for 10 years when that's exactly how long Fox has been the top news channel. On that count, I agree. Community journalism is strong though.

Michael Morris

Not near as much as 60% of the country is looking forward to Jan. 20.

Michael Morris

Dunno who that person is, but listen to zero talk radio and watch none of the cable news channels, so the arguments are pretty much our own.

Michael Morris

Should he retire to Thighland? Maybe he can hang out with Yo-Semites there. ...

Michael Morris

We haven't said they are 100 percent effective -- nothing is. The studies I have seen place it at about 70 percent if both people are wearing masks. The day before I had to be tested, which came before the mask mandate, I came across people in scrubs not wearing masks at the grocery store…

Michael Morris





Michael Morris

You know that's not how it works, Bulldog. YOU'RE safe with my mask. If both people are wearing masks, they're 70% effective. If you wear a mask and social distance it's north of 90 percent. If I drive sober and you don't, that doesn't make me safe from you. And we called out the hoarders…

Michael Morris

Bulldog... seriously... 25 women (at last count) have accused Trump of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault. Some accused him before he ran for office and more came forward after.