Spot on.

As opposed to your honest, truthful rhetoric? Too bad trump doesn't understand that the more times he repeats lies doesn't mean they will become the truth. He'd have more time to actually do a decent job instead of focusing on his ego and ruining this great country. Actually, I was an hon…

We do agree that this is the most important election in modern history, perhaps for different reasons, yet there is agreement. You cry that the Democrats will pack courts which is what the Republicans are doing and have done. Amy Barret Cohn was yet another example of the hypocrisy by the…

And ignoring a pandemic while your people are dying is not leadership. trump let this country down by not taking this seriously and even Mark Meadows acknowledged we won’t control the pandemic....great leadership right there folks. Time for a change at the top.

Everyone who is against you is a commie, lol. And Fo6 says you are more mature than me lol

Says the person who is not involved with that statement. Haha thanks though. I do feel young at heart.

Calling a pandemic a hoax and down playing the seriousness and danger of it which has resulted in over 200k+ deaths in 8 months of your own people is not barbarianism? At least you should acknowledge its incompetence in a leader. Show me where Biden and Harris have explicitly said they su…

What are you speaking about? His plan has already been done? Geez, not more conspiracies, PJBM. I keep seeing Dexter's Laboratory with Biden at the helm lol

Must say I am impressed you didn't call Kamala out of her name. Baby steps, Bulldog

: )

So you are disgusted by a legal choice that a woman makes with her own body yet have no issue with people dying, not by choice, because trump wants y'all to believe this deadly pandemic is some sort of hoax to discredit him?!? Bless your heart, Fo6, bless your heart.