I appreciate the laughs you provide....truth...haha.

Predictable reply from you.

You want Roberts to retire because he is not super left leaning? You are sounding more and more like trump..."he didn't play my way so I hate him and want him gone!" Sounds like you do not believe in any sort of equal representation just a dictatorship.

So is the "white vote" corrupt since they have the so-called power?

I too agree that everyone should be counted but with the racist in charge, we all know he wants to be able to divide us even further and manipulate the numbers to his benefit.

Such a broad brush you paint the Democrats with. So with your logic you must believe that Republicans are all liars and adulterers who love dictators who kill and torture their own people?

Vile and evil? What happened to the Be Best campaign? Oh yeah that was another lie perpetuated by a trump.

Really, Bulldog. Breitbart and American Thinker spread the same conspiracy theories. American Thinker had an article stating that the Democrats are trying to bring back slavery. That’s ignorant. Those aren’t facts just more smoke and mirrors to rile the base.

We as a country should be ashamed at the treatment of these individuals. Yes the immigration system needs to be reformed but caging people and not providing the with their basic needs is not the answer.

trump had control of the House and Senate and could not/did not get anything accomplished on immigration and now he blames the Democrats for his failure. That's a fact. These deplorable conditions were not a part of President Obama's administration and that is a well documented fact. Plea…