Pipelines are one of the most safest way to transport product. It’s a proven fact from incident reports. Do these folks realize how many pipelines are in this area for decades with zero incidents??? Wake up .

My property tax has gone up 51% since 2015

All taxing enemies especially school district needs to keep tax rate frozen. They said there would be no impact on taxes during Bond election. I say BS

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Where Biden news? Morris can find time to print articles slamming Repubs

Biden’s audio cutting deal for quid pro quo . Biden sexual allegations. Biden telling blacks they aren’t black if they vote for Trump

Morris- crickets

Morris and the facts only attack Repubs. Dems truth isn’t part of the facts staff reporting. Biden and his sexual allegations won’t be an article from the biased dem propagandist Morris. Kavanagh sure got paper time

Will we see an article where Niden told a Blacks “ you aren’t black…

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Good news . It’s starting to be an eye sore and problem

Agree. Our local government entities need to cut back too and freeze appraisals

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Key is qualified voter. There has to strict provisions and checks to assure this is being conducted. We are seeing/ hearing way to much voter fraud perpetrated by the dem party

I have zero trust in this power fanatics and no respect for rule of law

Why don’t you print the truth on unmasking of Gen Flynn and sexual allegations of Joe Biden

This is why folks don’t trust anything you write

You’ve dug your own hole Mr Morris

But the facts only champions women’s right against sexual allegations if not committed by a dem

The facts flat refuses to print any stories on 6 accusations of sexual allegations . But was very interested in the lies and set up by Diane Feinstein and dem party on Kavanagh

The point is Morris, Mintz and the lap dog dem media is silent after the fake game they played for women’s rights when the dems set up fake Kavanagh allegations. Morris was all over this but his head is in the sand with Biden

Morris protects dems