The Texas electrical grid is designed to be independent from the rest of the US. We've received the benefits of that in the past, and we're feeling the pain of going it alone right now. There are a lot of reasons for our situation, but blaming the national government for our current situa…

I'm glad to see this clear instruction from our local city officials. This is an excellent example of local control responding to a local need.

I recommend checking for updated hours for a store. Kroger's website is now showing 7am-10pm for store hours.

For me, the peer pressure to purchase from my colleagues for their children is high and the products largely a waste. I prefer to donate cash when I have it, but this option is not often mentioned.

The other downside of the fundraising cycle is the volume of requests. It seems tha…

Sazzy commented on John Flynn Ebey

The family is grateful to this community for the love and support that has been extended to us at this difficult time.

Paxton often seems as though he is auditioning for a position with an anti-environmental lobbyist instead of representing Texas Voters. This is another example of him abdicating his true responsibilities in favor of picking a fight that doesn't need to be picked.